With our unique services First Rate FX make foreign exchange a simple and straightforward experience for everyone.

'Did you know that using your regular bank means that you will commonly be charged up to 4% more on an average currency transaction than if you use First Rate FX?'

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Free Transfers
No Commissions
Secure Payment Delivery
Regular Payments
Minimise Your Risk


What We Deliver

we offer a full range of foreign exchange services designed to meet your business needs

Forward Contracts

Forward Contracts

Protect your business & minimize risk

One of the simplest ways to hedge against adverse exchange rate movements is to arrange a forward contract.

This is an agreement initiated by you to buy or sell a specific amount of foreign currency at a certain rate, on or before an agreed date.

By fixing the rate of exchange in advance you can protect yourself against fluctuations and possible negative impacts on the amount of money you expect to receive following a foreign exchange transaction.

Quite simply it allows you to guarantee today's exchange rates for payments you need to make in the future. Registering with First Rate FX is FREE and you are under no obligation to trade.


Regular Payments

Regular Payments

You'll never miss a payment again

Currency fluctuations can make budgeting for regular payments impossible. With the First Rate FX Regular Payments Abroad service we provide you with a No fee, No commission, No hassle process that saves you money and gives you the peace of mind that your funds are being transferred securely and on schedule.

First Rate FX gives you protection against adverse movements of exchange rates. High Street banks only offer a "spot" exchange rate. With First Rate FX you can lock into a favourable exchange rate for between 6 to 24 months. You will know exactly how much money is being debited from your UK account every month.

Our unique service allows you to choose whether to have your payments fixed as a regular amount or, if you wish, to have the amounts converted at the market rate at the time of the transaction.


Spot FX Deals

Spot FX Deals

Exactly what you need when you need it

Spot FX deals execute the same day or next day (depending on what hour you book the deal). Spot deals are simple. Call up First Rate FX and speak to our experienced and professional traders. Tell us the currency you need and where you need to send it. We will do the rest for you while guaranteeing a great rate and secure delivery of your funds within the agreed time frame.

Most high street banks only offer "spot deals" but with First Rate FX foreign currency services are our specialty so you have more options to choose from depending on your needs.


Market Orders

Market Orders

Let us notify you when it's the rate you need

Market Orders are great tools to manage your FX risk by letting First Rate FX traders monitor the market on your behalf. We will notify you when the rate is close or at the level you requested or we can automatically execute a trade for you. Businesses often use this service to lighten the operational burden of constantly watching the market and lets them get back to doing what they do best. Running their businesses.

Market Orders are easy to set up. Just call First Rate FX and speak with our experienced traders who will set up the order so you can sit back and relax while we go to work for you.


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